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Quick Report Delphi Xe3 17 quiemi




Does anybody know how to integrate TeeChart Standard with QuickReport 5? A: Update: I was contacted by a customer who has the same problem. TeeChart Studio 2.1 for Delphi has support for the new versions of QuickReport in the current version of Delphi (XE3). QuickReport is built using FastReports, and in Delphi's FireMonkey version (XE3), the FireMonkey components have generally had no problem in registering with older components like QuickReport (or FireMonkey based components like TeeChart) with no real effort to resolve the issues in any way. TeeChart's FireMonkey components have also generally had no trouble with the older version of QuickReport. When the latest version of QuickReport was released, it was really designed to be used with TeeChart. When compiling a quick report with TeeChart for the Delphi FireMonkey version (XE3), I was able to compile the report as expected, and even run the preview with TeeChart without any problems. So I would assume that they just did not update QuickReport to the new version (since there was no documentation on the new version), and I would suggest contacting the author. Old version: In Delphi 7 and earlier, FireMonkey had no ability to integrate with the new version of QuickReport 5. The FireMonkey components were built as component based components in the Delphi 7 IDE, and so they did not have the same registration and support issues that VCL based components have. As a result, the components needed to be integrated with the new version of QuickReport using FireMonkey's own integration features. For Delphi 6 and earlier, FireMonkey did not have the ability to integrate with QuickReport, so the components needed to be integrated using the same sort of component registration approach as VCL components. At the time of the original post, I was told that the new versions of QuickReport were built using Borland Component Library (BCL) and it would likely not be compatible with Delphi. It is possible that the reportwriter was just not updated to work with the new version of QuickReport. As a result, I would suggest upgrading QuickReport to the current version (, and that should fix the issue. AC Milan have reportedly sent scouts to watch Roma’s Juan Manuel Iturbe during the




Quick Report Delphi Xe3 17 quiemi
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