Paint Brands – Knowing Your Options

Premium Automotive Paint Brands

When it comes to choosing the perfect paint for your vehicle, a premium automotive paint brand will do the job. On the other hand, if you’re looking for show room quality paint, then you may want to conduct further research to see which brands offer absolute perfection and finish. Pricing differences will come into play.

Brands to consider: PPG, Nexa Sikkens, Spies Hecker, Standox, Glasurit to name a few.

Premium brand paints are approved paints by vehicle manufacturers and are used on brand new vehicles hence meaning the quality of these products are always going to be superior compared to mid-tier paint brands.

Mid-Tier Automotive Paint Brands

When price becomes an issue, however, many car repair shops will look at more economical paint options. These products in this range do not offer the same quality as the premium brands but you can confidently to say that the quality of the product & finish is good alternative to reduce cost & be able to offer a decent quality finish.

Brands to consider: Max Meyer, Lesonal, Octoral, Lechler to name a few.

Economy Automotive Paint Brands

Economy paint brands are an alternative option for jobs such as full resprays but conducting panel repairs, blends or SMART repairs and you can really tell the difference in quality. The coverage is not very good, the colour match isn’t 100%, the panel may lose it’s shine & gloss. There are many reason why consumers should consider avoiding repair shops who use these economy paints, but understandably the price can be very attractive but once the end product is handed back, the customer may not be as satisfied.

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