Guide To Keeping Your Car Safe

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

When you go out maybe to town or to get your shopping it’s always good to make sure your car is secure just encase the worst happens. There are several small things you can do that will help deter thieves. If you park in a standard car park, try and park near a CCTV camera as this can deter thieves if they know they are being watched. If the worst were to happen you may be able to identify the culprits from the footage. If you can it is also best to park next to or around other cars to stop yours standing out. Park in a public place where other people can see what’s going on if anything was to happen.

Try not to leave any valuables in your car when you are not there, this makes your car a prime target for thieves. It’s best not to leave anything visible in your car, especially if it is valuable. I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want to break in my car to steal my old coat that I bought two years ago? But unfortunately, this sometimes happens. If you are not able to take an item with you it is a good idea to hide it somewhere in your car. The best places to hide objects are in your glove compartment, your boot or if you have one, your centre console.

Always close your windows when you leave your car unattended, even if the thieves are not up for stealing your car they will try and take anything they can find. Access to the cab can also give thieves access to the engine bay or the boot so always close windows when you’re not around.

It’s important to make sure you keep your keys safe at all times. Don’t leave them in your car or in visible sight. If thieves are desperate enough, they could follow you to your home and try breaking in to find your car keys. Sounds extreme right, but this is the reality of the world we live in so it’s best to be alert and keep all personal belongings as secure as possible.

Products You Can Buy

Car Tracker

A tracker is a commonly used product on the market for keeping your car safe (or at least track it down if it were stolen). Although it doesn’t physically stop theft, some trackers can alert you when your car makes an unauthorised move. If your car is ever stolen, you can be notified to where it is in real time and you will be able to alert the police to its location. When using a tracker, it’s best not to tell anyone or make it visible that you have one. If the thieves know you have a tracker the first thing they will do is try to remove it. If your car ever does get stolen, it is best not to follow the car yourself but give updates to the police on the location.

Steering Wheel Clamp

A steering wheel clamp is a secure and simple way of protecting your car. This clamp will cover your steering wheel and bolt into place preventing anyone from steering your car. Even if they do manage to start the vehicle they probably won’t be able to get very far! If you buy one of these, make sure it is sturdy and not fiddly to use.

Wheel Clamp

A wheel clamp isn’t a very practical method of keeping your car safe but if you are going away for a while or you wish to keep your car super safe this is an option. The clamp will prevent anyone from moving the car whilst it is attached. Even if someone was to get into the car, they won’t be able to drive off in it anytime soon! Having a wheel clamp on your car also acts as a visual deterrent to ward off any potential thieves.

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