Accident Claims

If you’ve had an accident we have a range of services that can help you get back on the road, select from the options below.

collision repair

Non-Fault Claim

There is a common misconception that when you have an accident the first point of call should be your insurer. You actually don’t have to involve your insurer at all.

We can liaise with accident management companies who deal directly with the third party insurer and in most cases will supply a like for like replacement vehicle FREE for the duration of the repair. Another benefit is that you don’t have to pay an insurance excess and wait to claim it back from your insurance company.

  • An award-winning service on a no win, no fee basis

  • Can arrange repairs, a replacement vehicle and medical care

  • The best personal injury solicitors in the business

  • No excess to pay gurantee

Good to know: If your claim has been logged and not been settled by the third partly insurer at the point of your renewal, it will go against your no claims where you will need to re-insure despite the accident not being your fault.

We Pay Your Excess

Most insurance policy’s come with an insurance excess. This is the proportion of the repair bill that you are responsible for, which is paid direct to us on completion of your repair. If you have your vehicle repaired with us and you are not insured by one of our insurance partners we can usually pay a large percentage if not all of your excess*.

Each case and insurer is different so we deal with matters on an individual basis. It is unusual if we can’t help and our aim is to minimise the financial inconvenience you may have.

  • Accident your fault? Have a excess to pay?

  • Can’t afford your excess?

  • Happened at a bad time?

  • Financial strain?

*For us to be able to make a contribution to the excess the invoice value of the repair must exceed £1,000 + VAT. See full terms and conditions below.​

Good to know: It’s your choice where you have your car repaired not your insurance company’s. *Check out the terms for information about what we can cover and how we can help.

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