Welcome to Quantum Milton Keynes

Quantum Automotive are specialists in a wide range of services for motor vehicles. Our skilled teams work across three different divisions starting with Tuning & Customisation, Servicing & Maintenance and Accident Repair. Our focus on innovation has made us the customer choice and destination to look after their vehicles across the UK.


Featured Products 

Accident & Crash Repair

We understand that being involved in an accident and being without your vehicle can be a huge strain. Being a leading vehicle accident repair specialist in the UK our focus is making sure customer vehicles are repaired to a high standard and on-time.

Hydro Dipping

You may be wondering what is Hydro Dipping? It can also be described as immersion printing, water transfer printing and hydro imaging. It means with our unique process we can apply graphics to almost any three-dimensional object!

Tuning & Customisation

We all have our own individual style and that goes for for our vehicles as well. Our specialist team have been tuning and customising for a long time. Let's just say we are passionate about making sure customer vehicles perform and look their best.

Quantum Showroom

At Quantum we create beautifully crafted customised vehicles. Check out our latest projects and vehicle stock for sale now.

Our Services

Our extensive range of services have been tailored around customer requirements. A selection of our popular services can be found below or simply click on the 'View All Services' to see everything we have to offer.

Quality Workmanship

We know it's easy to say and harder to achieve but we really to care about the work we do. We are lucky to have a passionate team who take the extra time to make sure the job is done right. Ultimately, we care that our customers are happy. If they are happy it means we are doing something right!


All our work is guaranteed so customers can come to us with complete confidence that we will look after their best interests when it comes to caring for their vehicle. If something isn't quite right, our team will look into the issue and fix it - it's that simple!


Here's where we boast about how good we are! Actually, without boring you too much we want to quickly mention that we are ISO9001 and BS10125 (category 1, 2 and 3) accredited. We invest in the latest equipment, ensure our team are fully trained and adhere to the highest safety and quality standards.